About Kirk Olsen:
(in the words of "Kirko" as he is often called)

A dozen years ago, I wrote the first Dog Song ... "If My Dog Could Talk". Not only did the kids love it, but so did the parents. After I finished writing the 3rd, I was bombarded with requests to do an entire album dedicated to the life of a dog. I thought it was a clever, though impossible idea. Until... in June of 2000, I wrote #4, and then 8 more subsequent songs in as many months, thanks to the great encouragement from friends and, most importantly, my wife Lucy.

So, after years of writing and many months of sweat in an Austin based studio with the amazingly talented producer Stephen Doster and a handful of incredible session musicians, I finally have a product to share with the world.

I hope you truly get as much enjoyment out of listening to it as I had while creating it...

A very sincere thank you!!

Kirk Olsen

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